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JEE (Advanced) 2017

All India ST Rank – 56

JEE (Main) 2017

All India ST Rank - 88

NE-II (Technology) 2017

North East Rank – 2nd

State Rank – 1st

At first I thought that cracking JEE (Main) with a good rank in All India level takes a genius of completely different level but deep inside I believe that hard work can accomplish almost anything. Hard work is the most important part of my philosophy. I used to study by making plans for a month or two, completely describing what I will study, when I will study and how much I will study. Planning let me knows how much time I have and how much is left to complete the syllabus. I would like also to suggest my fellow students to make different notebooks for formulae and short-notes and revise it daily, it is of great use. Teachers of NIMBUS TUTORIALS are very helpful and caring, they supported me whole year significantly in perusing my goal but students should always remember that it takes their own will and passion to achieve something.

Lastly, I would again like to highlight the importance of hard work, even a talented student can become dull if he/she does not work hard, it is through hard work and sincerity only that one can achieve his/her goal.


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